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Hark Orchideen - Competence in Orchids  

Secured planning

In ornamental flower production today, orchids are amongst the most difficult and most expensive plants to produce. As a consequence, production and sales planning for these valuable plants are of vital importance to the cultivators.
The value of a meristem does not exclusively depend on its quality. Another characteristic of an efficient business partner is his ability to provide relevant laboratory data, thus enabling the customer to reliably plan his own pro-duction.

Many of our customers profit from this service for their own cultivation projects. Selling the requested clones in the required quantity at a given point of time is the main issue in orchid cultivation. We can offer you a competitive edge - with the support of our secured and reliable data.

Monitoring instruments

Our efficient data processing system offers a number of monitoring instruments enabling us
and also you, the customer, to monitor our production. At any point of time, you may receive detailed information on all individual cups concerning the development and culti-vation of your clones. Production forecasts based on exact cutting rates will enable you to monitor the production of your plants even on a long-term basis. You can obtain informa-tion on any one of your clones already, by phone.

It is our intention to create transparency in our company, which will add to our customers´ trust and confidence. We want you to see at any point of time the endeavours we make on your behalf.
  Hark-Orchideen - Competence in Orchids