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Spider mites (Tetranychidae)
The common spider mite found on Phalaenopsis ( Tetranychus urticae Koch) is about 0.5 mm long, of yellow, red or green colour with two dark spots on its back. It is also called red spider resulting from the red colour the winter females get in autumn due to climatic conditions. The development period from egg and larvae to the eight-legged adult animal depends largely on the temperature and humidity and takes between 10 and 20 days. Spider mites have optimal multiplication conditions in high temperatures around 27°C and low air humidity. During their life, which lasts about 4-5 weeks, the females lay their eggs mainly on the underside of the leaf. When there is marked infestation, the animals form webs. Buds and blossoms are infested by spider mites, too. Especially during the summer months, there may be a population explosion in spider mites.
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