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Mice, Voles and Shrews (Muridae, Arvicolidae and Soricidae)
Mice and other rodents invade glasshouses especially in autumn and in periods with longer precipitation. There they may cause considerable damage.
Harmful rodents in orchids include amongst others field voles (Microtus agrestis L.) and common voles (Microtus arvalis Pall.). Zoologically, both species are water voles (Arvicolidae) and live near small woods, forest edges, meadows or cultivated fields. Another species of mouse (Muridia) is the wood mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus L.). The wood mouse is an excellent climber and can easily scale greenhouse tables. Shrews (Soricidae) may also get into greenhouses and they will live mainly on insects, woodlice, snails, spiders and worms and are therefore not harmful, on the contrary, they can even help to considerably reduce the pest population.
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