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Weevils (Curculionidae)
There are many species of weevils all over the world, they count among the major plant pests. Special features are the head with a snout and mouthparts. On orchids, especially Phalaenopsis, one species of weevil is of major importance. Black vine weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus Fabr.): The beetle is about 9-12 mm long, black in colour with a brownish, metallic and hairy upper top. The snout is relatively short, thick and sulcate in the middle. The beetles are unable to fly, they lay their eggs in substrates. The white, footless maggots live in the ground or in substrates. They are about 12 mm long, characteristic is the reddish brown head capsule. The maggots are not often found in orchid substrates, however, accidental importation in humus or peaty products may occur. The beetles sometimes migrate into greenhouses and stay there the whole year.
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