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Hark Orchideen - Competence in Orchids  
Thus the HARK SAFETY SYSTEM checks every single production process up to the dispatch of the cups.

For our laboratory management, detailed production figures per cup form the basis of a quantity check. Exact cutting rates of all clones enable us to plan our production carefully. Via notebook the managers of our laboratories are permanently linked to the system and can consequently evaluate and monitor the development of each clone easily and reliably. All necessary data relating to the product and its cultivation are available wherever and whenever required.
On account of our controlling system we are now able to guarantee reliable administration of even the largest number of clones and production quantities. In terms of security, your clones are top priority to us.

Currently, we are the world´s leading pro-pagator of customised orders and we enjoy the confidence and trust of numerous cultivators from all over the world. Comprehensive information enables our customers to monitor the propagation of their clones at any time.

  Hark-Orchideen - Competence in Orchids