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Hark Orchideen - Competence in Orchids  


Since the beginning of meristem cultivation, the mixing-up of clones in the early stages of their production has always been a serious risk in any laboratory.
As early as 1999, we took up this challenge by developing a laboratory system which ruled out any form of mix-up. Several years were successfully devoted to the development of this system, which was finally introduced into our laboratories in the autumn of 2002. Ever since, our internal electronic data processing department has been permanently working on the system's further development and perfection. For the invention of this unique production standard, we were awarded the Innovationspreis Gartenbau im Bereich Pflanze (Innovation prize for plant cultivation) by the


Federal Ministry concerned in Berlin in 2004. In our laboratory, each individual production cup is labelled with its own barcode, that means our computers are fed with all the relevant data exclusively via a scanner. All our staff have their own scanners and barcode printers at their clean-benches. On the basis of its barcode, each cup is registered and individualised and con- sequently subjected to checks. On account of complex controlling systems it has become impossible today to mix up cups or even mismark them. When the cups are taken into or removed from the climatic chambers, they are identified via scanners again, as all our staff are linked to the central computer via WLAN.

  Hark-Orchideen - Competence in Orchids